A couple of months ago, I ordered two small tenon saws from you (my first experience with your work).  They arrived promptly and I intended to "put 'em through the paces" in an effort to feel them out and get used to them.

My experience was nothing less than exhilarating!

My delight began the moment I pulled the saws from their respective boxes. As my hand introduced itself to the wonderfully shaped handles, a love affair was sparked.  Like courting adolescents, walking hand in hand(le), my shop time has been filled with excitement and wonder.  The little saws dart across and through a variety of wood species with equal ease.  The kerf seems to form itself, growing deeper and deeper with seemingly no effort on my part.  It's as if these little saws want to do the right thing by helping me with my projects by running straight and true through every stroke.

I've attached a photo of my first effort with your saws used for the mortise and tenon joinery part of a coffee table I designed and created for my first love, my wife.

Eddie, thank you so much for creating such a fine group of tools.  I can say with absolute certainty that these two little saws are the pride and joy of my rather extensive collection of hand tools.  I'm both happy and sad to say that I've paid much more for tools that have not performed nearly as well as your saws.

Thanks again and you can bet that I'll be striking up another order form in the not-too-distant future!

Kent Hansen
Dear Eddie Sirotich:

 I tried the saws today, I can't possibly tell you how good they are, partly because you already know, partly because there are no words.  Sorcery must have been involved.  My dad would have killed for saws like these.  I have his old x cut back saw (as well as lot of his hand tools), and I doubt he had any idea what he was missing.   I never heard or saw (so to speak) of anything like this in 50 years of whacking at bits of wood in my spare time.

I thought people were overstating the case for these saws, but they were actually underselling these things.  I'm an adequate carpenter, at best, but these
things make me look like a craftsman.

Thank you, thank you.

 Peter Hallifax

I just wanted to give you some feedback on two saws I purchased last year. For various reasons I had not been able to put them to use until recently. I LOVE these saws. I purchased a dovetail saw and a small tenon saw. They are exceptionally sharp and straight. I had the opportunity to shave the end grain from a tenon. I was able to cut and maintain a piece of waste wood of no more than 1/32 of an inch of hard maple. It just peeled right over as the saw continued to cut up to its maximum depth. I wish now I had measured the shaving. The saws were artwork when I received them but now they're working art. Thanks for two wonderful tools.

Don Normandin
I'm sure you hear this with regularity but I didnt want to be one of the silent masses. My tenon saws arrived yesterday and Eddie, there is no
comparison. They are the finest made hand tools I own, or probably ever will. Beautiful work, and it just amazes me how well they function. I'm almost
wondering where you hid the power cord. Great job, and thank you.

Randal Weber

Dear Eddie,
Sorry not to have notified you earlier that my saw (small tenon cross cut) arrived in good shape.  After using it for a couple of weeks now, I am convinced it is the finest cutting saw I have ever used.  And the quality of the cut is fantastic.  I find myself cutting the waste wood in my "burn box" into smaller and smaller pieces just to use the saw.  Thanks for the excellent work, 

Jim Pletcher

The large tenon saw that I recently received from you is superb! You have blended precision, quality and art in your product. I am more than satisfied, I am delighted. Please keep up the great work.

David McClellan

Eddie, it's raining in Chicago so killing some time, just wanted to let you know I purchased two of your tenon saws about 5 years ago and absolutely love them. These are of the highest quality and remain sharp to this day. I am a "weekend warrior" so use is moderate. I appreciate the craftsmanship of your tools and customer service that was provided. I would recommend your saws to anyone.

Best Regards,
Michael Smith

Hi Eddie,

I have just received the dovetail saw and have spent about an hour cutting with it.  I have only two words for this saw - Absolute Perfection!  And this is compared with 2 other very high end saws which I own.  The cut is so smooth, but what I admire most is the flawless gap-free fit of blade and handle, and well as the feel and balance. Thank you so much for making it for me.

Please acept my order for 4 more saws - the matching small and large tenon saws, rip and crosscut.  I will be floored if the fit and finish match the dovetail saw. 

John Jennette

Dear Mr Sirotich,
Having just purchased one of your small x-cut tenon saws, I feel I must write to you to say how pleased I am with it's quality and performance.
It's all-ready one of my favourite toys, oops,sorry tools. When I first ordered it I felt a little guilty, if not disloyal being born and bred in first and still the best steel and
tool manufacturing city in the world ( forgive the pride ) SHEFFIELD, England, the home and birth place of crucible steel making Benjamin Huntsman 1704/1776.
However when I took delivery all the guilt subsided, what a wonderful piece of engineering.

Many Thanks, yours Sincerely

Keith T Pullin.

Eddie, the saw arrived today. I was able to do a small trial dovetail and am really impressed! This thing cuts as smooth as my jap saws and is a 100% improvement over the other western saws I've had. Thanks for producing such a fine tool!

Daryle Trefz

I bought my dovetail saw several years ago, when they first came out.  As a middle-of-the-road hobbyist, I was hesitant to lay out that kind of money, but once I tried it (and tested it head-to-head with the other "famous" dovetail saw), I was hooked.
I have never regretted this purchase.  This is my favorite tool in the shop; and its high out-of-the-box quality has allowed me to become pretty darn good at cutting dovetails.  I love the balance in my hand, and its ability to track a line.

Thanks for a great product.

Steve Samuel

Dear Ed,
This beautiful tool more than surpasses my expectations. The fit and finish are of superlative quality. From the masterfully carved bubinga handle to the hand filed tempered steel blade to the polished flush fit brass split screws, there are no apologies needed for this saw. I've been told that "no one makes like they used to". You make them better than any other. I was sorely tempted to buy the very fine Lie-Nielsen dovetail saw, but I am certainly glad I gave bought yours instead. It not only looks beautiful, but it cuts my cherry, walnut and mahogany boards with incredible smoothness. Now I look forward to cutting fine joinery with this exceptional saw. Feel free to refer anyone to me who may be hesitant or need a reference.

Michael Emmerson, MD

I received the dovetail saw I ordered several days and finally had a chance to give it a try. I wanted to let you know that it is everything the reviews I read said it would be. The sharpening job is excellent. The saw tracks extremely well and leaves a narrow and smooth kerf. I have been trying to work on my hand tool skills and become proficient at handcut dovetails. I think your saw will not only help me get there, but also will make the journey very enjoyable. Thanks for a great tool. I look forward to purchasing a tenon saw somewhere down the road.

Sincerely...joe ashley

I've had these Adria tools for about a year now, and they are a continuing joy to use.

For example, the large tenon saw bailed me out when I was constructing a Roubo-style workbench. I had intended to cut a " wide by 4" by 4" slot in the bottom of a leg on my band saw, before assembling the base. Oops.  With the tenon saw, plus a " chisel, I had a near-perfect result in just a few minutes. I could not have done the job better, or quicker, on my band saw.

The crosscut saw cuts with stunning speed.

Thanks for these great products!

Jay Knepper

Got home yesterday after work and the saw was there. Congrats Mr. Sirotich, the saw is beautiful and cuts like a dream. I love it!!!!!

Bill Zeman

I have had a dovetail saw made by Eddie for several years now (probably around 4 or 5 if I remember correctly). I can't say enough good things about it - it is by far one of my favorite tools in the shop. I also own an original Independence Tool dovetail saw (made before LN took them over). While they are both great saws, I almost always reach for the Adria saw before the LN.

I also like to tell the story about Frank Klausz and my Adria saw. A couple of years ago, I took a weekend long class at Highland Hardware with Frank as the teacher on building a dovetailed jewelry box (great class BTW). During the dovetail demonstration that Frank gave, he just went on and on about how much he loved his IT dovetail saw - how he had even purchased one of these saws for each of the workers in his shop. After the demo and when everybody was cutting their own dovetails, Frank was walking around the room offering tips and suggestions and such. When he got to me, he immediately started asking all kinds of questions about my Adria dovetail saw. I offered to let him take it for a test spin and Frank just sat there for about 5 min or so just making cuts on a scrap piece of mahogany. You could just see the wheels spinning in his head as he made each cut. When it was all said and done, Frank just went on and on saying great things about the saw - he was obviously impressed.

Eddie does quality work and makes a quality tool. I have been so impressed with my first Adria saw that I just ordered a set of small tennon saws from him - one rip and one crosscut. Can't wait for them to get here.

Keith Rucker
Tifton, GA

I just got in from the shop and happened to remember that I never sent you a note to let you know that my two new Small Tenon Saws arrived a week or so ago. They look GREAT! I had a chance to play around with them today for the first time. I cut some tenons in some scrap cherry just to see how the saws worked. As far as I am concerned, life could not be better. They work GREAT! Lets see, they look great and work great so they must be just plain GREAT!

Keith Rucker
Tifton, GA

I bought a dovetail saw from you a couple years ago and have been thrilled with its performance every time I use it.

Dave Shepard

Received my saw: looks great, feels great, cuts great.

Jon Hartlaub

I knew, in the intellectual way, that this would be a better saw than others in the collection I had amassed so far. But the feeling that I get cutting into the end grain of a board with this saw is that it's almost unfair to have this much precision at one's disposal. I can place the saw just to the waste side of the line (with NO tilt relative to the face of the board), and exert the slightest push--and find that I've made a perfectly straight cut that is so slender it looks like I used a laser.

I'll definitely be buying all my saws in the future from Adria. Even if the Lie-Nielsen saws were as good or better (and now I have my doubts, even though I LOVE their planes), their handles look big relative to yours, and my fingers are stubby. Your handle shape fits perfectly in hand.

Matthew M Davis

Hello, Eddie:
I've not had much shop time of late -- you really don't want to know -- but last weekend I had a chance to work on a jewelry box project I started a _long_ time ago. Several little drawers, dovetailed sides -- I've been giving my Adria dovetail saw a workout, and wanted you to know what a pleasure it is to use. I've got one of the original prototypes, but prototype or no it is the finest saw I've ever used. Just wanted you to know that your good work is bringing pleasure to me, and also helping me do better work that will (hopefully!) bring pleasure to someone else.

Best- Paul Swets

Just wanted to let you know that I received the matched pair of tenon saws, and they're just beautiful. They feel very good in my hand, and a couple of quick test cuts confirms that they work as expected. You definitely do some nice work. I look foward to the large tenon saws as well.

Thanks and regards,
Paul Jones

Hi Eddie,
I received the large tenon saws yesterday, and they're just great. I now have every type of saw that you make, so it's time for you to add to your line-up :-) Maybe a set of panel saws? Anyhow, thanks for the good job on the saws, and good luck with Adria Tools.

Best regards,
Paul Jones

Just wanted to let you know that I received my dovetail saw... what a beautiful piece of work! I can't wait to use it on a project. Thanks for the great craftsmanship.

Will Underwood

Saws arrived and they are not only beautiful but a joy to use and are giving me excellent results. Your craftsmanship is first rate. I had high expectations for the saws and you exceeded them. Hope your business prospers.

Joe Schufman

Saws arrived. They look great. I tried them last night, both cut quick and straight.
Thanks alot

Duane Hoover

The saw came yesterday, and it truly is a thing of beauty. A former employer almost met an untimely demise when he used the old adage that "it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools" after my computer kept crashing and there were typos in a memo I prepared. Your saw proves that he's wrong - even in my novice hands, the joints I cut last night are much tighter and cleaner with a quality tool.

Now it's time to yearn after its companion, the tenon saw. Hmmm, our anniversary is coming up...

Thanks again,
Justin Weyerhaeuser

Got the saw today, Saturday morning all nicely bundled up in the packing peanuts. It sure is a great looking and natural feeling saw. It cuts great with very little effort, and it cuts right where it is guided. I surely would recommend this saw to anyone who wants to learn the craft of hand dovetails. Heck, it is just a pretty saw to look at in the shop even if it isn't used for dovetails. I'll probably be getting another one in the not too distant future.

John Wade