Adria dovetail and tenon saws are guaranteed to cut fast and track straight. They are handcrafted one at a time and each saw is tuned-up and tested before shipping. Each saw is guaranteed to make a full depth, absolutely straight cut out of the box.

The hardness of the steel used for blades is RC52, which is hard enough to guarantee long use and infrequent need for sharpening.

To understand why people love these saws, please take a look at testimonials.

Adria saws have a highest possible reputation earned by years of dedicated work. To illustrate just how good the quality of these saws is, they come with a one year full money back guarantee. You have one full year to decide if the saw that you bought satisfies your needs and if it doesn't (hard to imagine), you'll get all your money back.

Just try to find such a strong guarantee at any other place!